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    Goodwill Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Program (CTE) provides clients with a pathway towards securing long term employment and developing personal, professional growth by hosting no-cost, short term, entry-level skills training across a variety of trade-specific fields. The training programs are designed to provide a safe, professional, and productive learning environment for all students.

    Goodwill CTE Testimonials

    What was your favorite part of the training?
    Esmeralda  – Construction Carpentry (forklift certification) – “Working as a team, supporting each other, felt like a family, if mistakes were made the instructors didn’t get frustrated, but rather improvised in a good way and were very patient”
    What advice would you give others?
    Tao – Service Fundamentals –  “It’s better to fill some time during their available time to learn and grow for your own good and future.”
    What was your experience during the training?
    Ernest – Construction Electrical Training – “The experience was beautiful. Instructors were really good and helpful, took their time, even if messing up were patient and walked students through until they got it”

    Leo Flores

    Leo Flores

    HVAC Graduate 2022

    John Mejia, the instructor and owner of I Am Air Mechanical, was super patient and kind. The first day I wanted to quit and John encouraged me to stay and stick with it. Now I have graduated, I have my EPA Certification, certifications, and opportunities.

    Make sure you take notes. Notes pay off later on, while working I brought my notes and was reading my notes on the job. If you forget an answer while working, take notes and pay attention.

    Advice I would give is to pay attention, it pays off when you put in the work you see results. Pay attention to videos because that is what you see in the field. When the class is hands-on don’t be afraid to volunteer, go to the front of the class, even when you do not know what you are doing.

    James Kirkland

    James Kirkland

    Class A Trucking Graduate 2022

    The mentorship CTE Staff provided and the family oriented environment at Coast to Coast Truck Driving School was motivating to continue through and be successful. Coast to Coast provided everything you need to know to pass. They were encouraging, down to business, organized, and consistent. It was helpful to have leadership and a professional guiding me. This helped boost my confidence to continue.

    Guidance for anyone interested is to be focused, get rest, have patience, and believe.

    Advice for future participants is to figure out if your work is flexible before you enroll in the program. Whatever your schedule is, try to figure out if your work is flexible before enrolling.

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