What is the Career Technical Education (CTE) Program?

Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s Career Technical Education program is a no-cost, short term, entry-level training to provide individuals technical skills to secure employment in trade-specific fields. 

Graduates will earn preliminary certificates as a step towards securing long term employment and develop personal, professional growth. 

What is the cost of tuition to participate in the CTE Program?

There is no cost of tuition for eligible participants to enroll in CTE Courses. Goodwill of Silicon Valley covers the cost of tuition and select materials while the course is in session, such as textbooks, personal protective equipment, and examination fees.

Does the CTE Program provide accommodations to participants who need them?
  • Accommodation requests for CTE candidates who disclose a physical or learning barrier are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Individuals with barriers will be referred to Goodwill Mission Services to be interviewed by a specialist to determine if the training course of interest would be the right fit, depending on their needs.
How can employers get involved?

Goodwill of Silicon Valley invites employers to engage with students and all Mission Services programs.  

Employers can engage in the following ways: 

  • Career Exposure programs 
  • Recruit Talent 
  • Attend Job Fairs 
  • Host Tours 
  • Review and advise on curriculum development 
  • Present company and open positions to interested job seekers 

Contact Ed Garcia, Employer Engagement Specialist, to partner with Goodwill of Silicon Valley: edwardg@goodwillsv.org

How can I enroll in a course?

Step 1 – Review the CTE Courses 

Review Class Schedule, Course Requirements, and Course Details. More information available here

Step 2 – Submit your Application 

Select a course you are most interested in and submit your application.  

Step 3 – Information Session 

Attend the in-person information session and confirm the career you are most interested in pursuing. 

Step 4 – Math Assessment 

Complete a math assessment and the CTE team will be in contact with you.  

Step 5 – Schedule Interview 

Interview with the CTE team to share your career goals and determine if the course is a good fit. 

Step 6 – Orientation 

After interviewing with the CTE team you will be notified of your status within the enrollment process or provided with alternate courses that align with your career goals and identified needs 

What happens if I do not qualify for a course at this time?

CTE Team will notify you and provide additional training resources ​available in the Bay Area​

Can I enroll in more than 1 course?

No. Individuals are only permitted to enroll in one CTE course. If you are unsure about which career you want to pursue attend an information session and gain more information on the available career paths each course prepares you for.  

Is there a dress code?

Program participants will be asked to follow Goodwill Personal Appearance Policy.

Sports affiliations are not allowed and Goodwill of Silicon Valley strives to provide a work environment free from gang affiliation.

How does Goodwill help me find employment?

Throughout the course students are enrolled in Career Readiness Workshops to update their resume, practice interview tips, and provide job search tips to help secure employment. It is the responsibility for each student to independently apply and show up to the interviews. Goodwill staff is available for support throughout the process to help develop soft skills and confidence.  

What happens after graduation?

After graduation a member of the CTE team will reach out to you for monthly check-ins. Graduates will have 1 year of support after graduation, including: invitations to Career Readiness Workshops, job fairs, and community networking events. Once a student secures employment they will qualify for retention incentives, including gift cards for securing employment, 30 days, 6 months, and up to 1 year after graduation. 

CTE – Career Technical Education

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