What is the Career Technical Education (CTE) Program?

The CTE Program is a no-cost training opportunity to provide Silicon Valley residents with the ability to accelerate their career growth. The program hosts training sessions across a variety of trade-specific fields, where each participant will learn the skills needed to excel in their individual pathway. Graduates will earn preliminary certificates as a step towards securing long term employment and develop personal, professional growth.

What is the cost of tuition to participate in the CTE Program?

There is no cost of tuition to participants actively enrolled in CTE programs. GWSV covers the cost of tuition as well as any materials required while the program is in session, such as textbooks, tools, apprenticeship applications, examination fees, etc. 

Does the CTE Program provide accommodations to participants who need them?
  • Accommodation requests for CTE candidates who disclose a physical or learning barrier are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Individuals with barriers will be referred to Goodwill Mission Services to be interviewed by a specialist to determine if the training course of interest would be the right fit, depending on their needs/supports.
What happens after a participant graduates from the program?
  • Our goal is for graduates to enter into employment by teaching soft skills they can utilize for long term success and self-sufficiency. Graduates will be provided with support to pursue a job in their field; the ultimate success is up to each individual.
  • Each course incorporates industry-relevant job readiness training entailing workshops for resume development, interviewing techniques, industry etiquette and vocabulary for job searching.
  • Dedicated staff will check in with¬† CTE graduates to track their progress with obtaining & maintaining employment, and provide additional support to improve their job search efforts.
Where can interested candidates find more information on each training program?
How can interested candidates apply to see if they qualify?
What are the requirements to qualify for the CTE programs?

To qualify for our training programs, individuals must be:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Fluent in the English language
  3. Resident of the Silicon Valley regional area
  4. Currently eligible for work in the US with proof of documentation on hand as required by the USCIS Form I-9
  5. Available to actively attend and participant in each class session by abiding by course rules & regulations

There may be qualification requirements in addition to the items above depending on the training program. Visit the CTE webpage for your program of interest to view the full list of requirements.

CTE – Career Technical Education

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