Start Your Trucking Career with Goodwill Silicon Valley’s Class A Driver (CDL) Program

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If you’re looking to kickstart a rewarding career in the trucking industry, Goodwill of Silicon Valley‘s Career and Technical Education Programs have an excellent opportunity for you. Our Class A Driver (CDL) program provides comprehensive training and support to help you obtain your Class A License and pursue employment as a Commercial Truck Driver. In this blog post, we will walk you through the program details, eligibility requirements, and training information to help you make an informed decision.

Program Description:

The Class A License Truck Driving Course offered by Goodwill of Silicon Valley aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the trucking industry. As part of this program, Goodwill covers the cost of tuition for Coast to Coast Trucking School, while also providing career readiness support and guidance throughout the training process.

Before enrolling in Coast to Coast Trucking School, you must obtain your Class A Permit. Goodwill will assist you in obtaining your permit by offering career readiness support and guidance. It is important to note that you are responsible for covering the costs associated with earning your DMV Class A permit, which includes fees for the Medical Evaluation, DMV permit and endorsement knowledge tests, and TSA Background check for Hazmat endorsement.

To successfully complete the program, you will need to study for and pass the permit test, which covers general knowledge of driving a commercial vehicle, air brakes, combinations, and any endorsements you choose to pursue (such as hazmat, double and triple trailers, or tanker vehicles). Additionally, you are required to attend scheduled meetings with CTE staff to review the DMV Commercial Handbook, update your resume, and provide updates on your DMV appointments.

Eligibility Requirements:

To participate in the Class A Driver (CDL) program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Must be 21 years or older.
2. Have a clean driving record.
3. Current resident of Santa Clara County.
4. Must be eligible to work in the USA.
5. Must have a social security card and ID or driver’s license.
6. Must have documentation to show proof of residency.
7. Must have reliable transportation to get to the training site.
8. Must pass a Medical Evaluation for the Department of Transportation.
9. In good physical health with the ability to stand for 6-8 hours and lift up to 50 lbs.
10. Ability to comprehend the English language.

Training Information:

The training for the Class A License Truck Driving Course takes place at Coast to Coast Trucking School, located at 740 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126. The training sessions are held from Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

To earn your Class A License, you will be required to complete a minimum of 180 hours of training at Coast to Coast Trucking School, which typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. It is important to note that classes are ongoing, allowing you to earn your Class A permit and enroll at your convenience.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or further information about the Class A Driver (CDL) program, please feel free to contact our Career and Technical Education (CTE) staff. They will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have and guide you through the enrollment process.

Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s Class A Driver (CDL) program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to start a promising career in the trucking industry. With comprehensive training, career readiness support, and guidance, we are dedicated to helping you obtain your Class A License and succeed as a Commercial Truck Driver. Take the first step towards a rewarding future by reaching out to our CTE staff and embarking on this exciting journey today!

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